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Welcome to Tom’s Tidbits: An introduction

Hi, I’m Tom. This is my first blog entry. I am 39 years old and have autism. I have decided to write from my viewpoint about various things. My blog can be helpful by providing insight into the world to people with autism, parents with children with autism who would like to have an idea about what they could be dealing with in the future, and people who work with people with autism by providing various thoughts from an autistic point of view. Some posts will be more serious and some just interesting but they all will show life from the eyes of a person on the spectrum.

Did I mention the word spectrum? In case you did not know, autism is a spectrum disorder which means that people on it vary greatly in their capabilities. For your information, Asperger’s is on the higher end of the spectrum. The spectrum varies greatly from those low functioning people who require a lot of help and can sometimes be nonverbal, to those who drive, have a job, have relatively good social interactions, have friends, are intelligent, and are successful in life. I know a person who is on the spectrum who ran various relationship groups and has been an autism advocate by talking to government officials. Most people with autism though have various issues like sensory issues (loud sounds, bright lights, textures etc.), anxiety and social issues.

My logo is very symbolic. The word “Tidbits” is a reference to my blog featuring entries on many different topics. It will be written through autistic eyes but on varying topics. Another interesting feature about the name Tom’s Tidbits is that it features alliteration. This is a writing technique where the first letter in every word in a name, or sentence starts with the same letter. It sounds nice. The color text used in the logo and also throughout my blog also has meaning. I love the color green and have since I knew what colors were. Later on, I will have an entry talking about green. Did you that green is simply not green? There are many different and distinctive shades. The balloon featured in the logo that is in place of the “o” (the balloon itself) and the “i"(the string) is because I really like balloons. Tune in to 7/28/20 for my post on a road project I completed over a few years.


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